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Divide administrative and back-office processing time by 4 and increase productivity

Master your students registration process, organize the admission workflow, effectively manage payments …

Fully adapted to the school context, SCHOOLY-DO allows you to save up to 80% of your time on administrative tasks.


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Manage your internal processes and improve the reputation of your school

SCHOOLY-DO is the global software package that offers you the transparency and overview that you always wanted for your school, from delinquencies and accounting to inventory management and Human Resources.

Take Height and improve your reputation

Improve the image of your business

SCHOOLY-DO’s innovative features will ensure that your school gains a competitive edge and gives a remarkable and tangible sense of professionalism to parents.

Many of our customers receive full funding for the SCHOOLY-DO package from the parents by increasing the registration fee by a few negligible units the following year.

Parents are generally delighted to have for a minimal additional price, such transparency in access to the information that interests them and such monitoring of their children progression.

They recently joined SCHOOLY-DO

Some of the clients who have just trusted SCHOOLY-DO for the management of their school.
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AAIN Arabic Institute

Knowledge Mania

English Highway -

Is the SCHOOLY-DO software reliable and secure ?

VISION BUSINESS CONSULTING the SCHOOLY-DO software publisher company started its information systems business with its customers which are banks and insurances, the security of the SCHOOLY-DO system is the same used for sensitive data of the banking sector.

SCHOOLY-DO security policy allows to The following objectives:

  • Availability: The system must operate flawlessly during the expected ranges of use and guarantee access to the services and resources installed with the expected response time.
  • Integrity: Data should be as expected, and should not be tampered, illicit nor malicious. Clearly, the elements considered must be accurate and complete.
  • Confidentiality: Only authorized persons have access to the information intended for them. Any unwanted access must be prevented.
  • Authentication: User identification is fundamental to manage access to relevant workspaces and maintaining trust in data exchanges.
  • Non-repudiation and imputation: No user should be able to challenge the transactions he has performed in his authorized actions, and no third party should be able to assign the actions of another user.

SCHOOLY-DO team’s Accompaniment

We can facilitate the process of setting up SCHOOLY-DO, if this is your need, our team will act as follows:

  • Meeting: We organize few meetings with you to understand your restrictions) and features.
  • Adjustment: We plan a software adjustment phase.
  • Pilot class Test : It’s up to the testing phase pilot class and beta version to ensure that the SCHOOLY-DO is effectively adapted to the restrictions every time the software is confronted to the field
  • Calibration phase: A calibration phase of SCHOOLY-DO is also planned.
  • Training: We end up this process with a training of the key users and offer post-start assistance to stabilize the processes.
  • Support : Our technical support service and our sales department are always at your disposal to answer your requests.

We will be happy to meet you and understand your constraints, then recover your needs in the form of an initial specifications.

Contact us for appoint our consultant

SCHOOLY-DO can successfully manage millions of students

Everyday, new schools realize the importance of SCHOOLY-DO

What I like about SCHOOLY-DO is the striking contrast between its simplicity of use on the one hand and the complexity of the procedures that it manages on the other hand.
Fatima-ezzahra Lahlou – Managing Director – English Highway –


The decision-making dashboards of this tool are very useful, it is mainly some information that I did not have before, this allows me to anticipate comfortably and to decide the strategic actions at the right time. I use this system also to constantly evaluate our professors, a good faculty quality for us is a priority and such a system is what we needed to measure it.
Abdellatif El Filali – Chief Executive Officer – AAIN Institute –


I am more reassured for my daughter, I have access to her notes and absences in a couple of clicks, I can see everything online, communicate with the teachers if I want and be alerted by SMS to the slightest problem or absence, this change everything for me !

Wifak Bennani – Student Parent


After the settings, training and deployment with SCHOOLY-DO’s technical team, I felt that the internal processes of my institution were clearer and more formalized, it pushed us to structure ourselves and it is a good thing.

Salim Herzenni – President Knowledge Mania


Equip yourself with SCHOOLY-DO and dare the choice of innovation!

Do not waste your precious time trying to organize yourself via Excel files that you will try to compile without success, you already know that it will not reach your organizational objectives. Equip yourself with the SCHOOLY-DO solution that will allow you to refocus on your real core of activity: Pedagogy

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You are at this moment in front of one of the best investments that you will ever realize for your school!

SCHOOLY-DO is the technology for innovative schools of tomorrow. Do not let others overtake you.

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